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About Cash Advances

Cash advances from Fast Cash Advance Loans are a quick way to get fast cash in the form of an advance on your next paycheck. If you are temporarily strapped for cash and need a small amount to tie you over until your next paycheck, then this is the loan for you.

The money you request will be transferred electronically to your checking or savings account. Then on your next payday the amount you authorize will be taken out electronically from your account.

Your credit history is really not important! No matter how bad your credit is you can still obtain a loan from us. We serve ALL customers because we know that anyone could find themselves in a tight financial bind.

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Fast Cash Advance Loans is not a provider of online payday loans. We simply connect people seeking online cash advances with a payday loan provider that provides loans of up to $1500 and instant approval regardless of credit history. We are proud to be the .com for payday loans with a good reputation for connecting customers to a reliable payday cash advance.